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The Good The Bad and The Ugly

September 26th, 2017

A long time ago in the west where men were men, they drank booze, gambled, and carried six guns and abided by their own set of rules. Three men were also after one other thing the west was known for, striking it rich with gold.

This week we review Jose's pick of 1966s The Good The Bad and The ugly starring Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef. Directed by Sergio Leone. The movie is about a bounting hunting scam that leads to an uneasy alliance against a third man in search of buried gold in a cemetary which was stolen by a confederate soldier during the civil war. 

The movie is a timeless classic. It does have a long run time however you're never bored while watching this movie. Anyone who is a fan of film like we are on this show it's definitely worth the watch. It's such an iconic film that so many movies after this reference it from the style of shooting all the way into pop culture. 

Light a cigar, saddle up a horse and load your colt revolver as well as kick back and listen to our review of this flick.



September 19th, 2017

Get ready to root for the bad guy, that's right film fans another episode is bestowed upon your ears. This week is Jeremy's pick of 1999s Payback

Payback stars Mel Gibson as Porter, a guy who after being double crossed in a heist is out for revenge against his ex partner Val (Gregg Henry) and his wife. The film is directed by Brian Helgeland (won an oscar for best screenplay for L.A. Confidential)

It was an interesting film to watch for sure because while Jeremy and Jose watched the theatrical version of the film, Wade watched the directors cut....and ultimately two different films because they had different characters to an extent, scenes, AND even a fucking different ending. It makes for a interesting review with out a doubt so hopefully you guys like it. Nothing like a good ole fashion revenge flick to get the week started.

*spoiler* Lucy Liu is a super hot dominatrix that wears chaps, fish nets, and a thong....enjoy!!


Last Action Hero

September 12th, 2017

Rock music, guns, explosions and Arnold motherfucking Schwarzenegger is all you need to know about this movie people!! That's right, it was Wade's pick of the week and he went with 1993s Last Action Hero.

The movie stars Arnold as Jack Slater who is an action hero on screen and idolized by Danny Madigan played by Austin O'Brien. After Danny is given a magical ticket that opens a portal between the real world and the fictional movie world that's where things get nuts. When the antagonist Benedict (Charles Dance) realizes what this ticket can do he uses it for evil of course by using the power to bring movie villains into the real world and Jack with Dannys help must stop him. 

This movie is high up over the top it could reside on Mt.'s an action movie, inside an action movie!! What more can you want!? The movie is so wildly creative and pokes fun at itself throughout the whole thing, then not to mention the cast, numerous cameos and the awesome soundtrack. Arnold even went to AC/DC and asked them to come up with a song and we got 'Big Gun'

Have a listen to this episode if you will as we gush over this movie and appreciate it for everything it's worth and then some. 


The Crow (Bonus Episode)

September 10th, 2017

I heard a tapping, someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber heard us rapping right? Ok maybe not but hopefully you'll listen to our latest show here. Thanks to our listenter Stephen we did a bonus episode on The Crow.

The Crow is a dark comic book based movie starring the late Brandon Lee as well as Ernie Hudson and Michael Wilcott. Lee stars as Eric Draven, as musician who is soon to be wed to his fiance Shelly but ends up brutally murdered along with her in their apartment. He comes back via a link from an actual crow so he can seek his vengence.

It's a good film and definitely a cult classic among movie goers and comic book fans who enjoy this genre. It's dark and gritty and violent....which is right up our alley. It's one of Wade's top films and if you are a fan of film as we are or even comic books of the same material it comes highly reccommended to watch...especially from a nostalgic stand point as well as an awesome soundtrack.

It can't rain all the time, love is forever.


The Founder

September 6th, 2017

Franchise..franchise...franchise! No not our show, we're talking about the billion dollar company McDonalds. That's ultimately what Ray Kroc wanted and obtained back in 1954.

That's right, Jose's pick on this weeks episode is 2016 The Founder starring Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman and Laura Dern. Keaton plays Ray Kroc based on the true story of how he founded an innovative fast food eatery started by two brothers of the same name. 

It's a movie of a man with the drive to be successful and just looking for his one shot to be something instead of a nobody. It shows what one man can do with persistence, ambition, and sheer ruthlessness to be a success in america. 

Everyone in the main and supporting cast does a great job and it's a great time period drama. Definitely worth a the watch and can even learn a bit of history of one of the nations biggest franchise fast food chains.



September 5th, 2017

Earlier this month Jose issued a challenge on our Facebook to complete this feat after getting 100 followers on our page and you guys sure did come through! It's only the beginning of the end for our dear friend and superfilmbro! Coming to you this Sunday on a bona fide patented SUPERFILMBRO LIVESTREAM he takes on the SPICY NOODLE CHALLENGE! Will he live to tell the tale? Stay tuned to our page to find out and for more coming details! P. S. keep the milk shelves stocked he's a real weenie when it comes to spicy stuff! Check out our FACEBOOK! Link is on the left in yellow!