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Big Trouble in Little China

July 1st, 2017

May the wings of liberty never lose a feather, and may you guys enjoy our latest episode! That's right folks we're invading your ears with a new episode of SFB with the 1986 cult classic film Big Trouble in Little China starring Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall directed by honorary film bro             John Carpenter.

Kurt Russell plays Jack Burton a truck driver that gets wrapped up in dark magic and sorcery in Chinatown located in San Francisco. He helps his buddy Wang get his girl back from an evil sorcerer and save the day with one liners, guns, and being a red blooded GD american!

The movie speaks for itself folks, it's so worth the viewing Jeremy bought it on blu ray to watch EVEN though it's currently streaming on Netflix. Have you listeners paid your dues? The check better be in the mail or else we're gonna shake the pillars of heaven and make you. Go enjoy!