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August 22nd, 2017

Looking for a car? Have some guys picking on you? Want them taken care of? Boy do we have a car for you, if you have 300$ or even 250$ you can buy your very own 1958 Plymouth Fury! It's fully loaded even, it comes with manual windows, self repairing sheet metal, fire engine red in color, and possesed by a demon...what more can you ask for? How about undying love by a car that will right any wrongs by killing anyone in your way.

That's right folks, this week was Jeremys pick and we review 1983s Christine directed by honorary film bro John Carpenter starring Keith Gordon, Jonh Stockwell and Alexandra Paul. The movie centers around a 17 year old kid who buys his first car and becomes infatuated with this car, falls in love with it and finds out it has supernatural powers of the demon kind.

It's a great film yet again from John Carpenter, I love the fact it has unknown actors and they do a great job for not being well knowns. The best parts for me is ultimately the car of how beautiful yet menacing it is, and of course how Carpenter films it. It's not gory by any means but definitely gives you the suspense and thrill of a car who is out to get you at all costs.

This car may kill people but will love you until the very that's a bargain folks.