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Hard Boiled

July 9th, 2017

Guns, explosions, and more bullets than you can shake a gun at is exactly what goes on this week as we review the 1992 John Woo action flick Hard Boiled starring Chow Yun Fat.

Hard Boiled is about a detective who links up with an undercover cop as they try to put a stop to illegal firearms sales from the Hong Kong Triad gang. 

Apparently in Hong Kong it's ok to kill people on film (just kidding?) for the sake of a movie and that guns never run out of bullets. The amount of bullets fired in this movie are probably greater than both world wars put together. It's a great action flick and plenty of guns if not ALL the guns in China were used for this film. Definitely worth the watch especially if you're an action junkie.

Go grab your pistols so you can dual weild them of course, suspend your belief in physics and any kind of reasonsing to go watch this film then listen to this episode! *cue explosions*