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Knock Knock

August 5th, 2017

Knock Knock...who's there? Keanu Reeves being seduced and taking advantage by two young girls.

Yep, that's pretty much the jist of this movie folks. Directed by Eli Roth (Hostel) this movie stars Keanu as a family man who is alone for the weekend and during a rain storm at night two young very attractive women come knocking on his door, enter his home because of him being a good person and ends up being raped ultimately. 

This movie was dumb after the 30 min mark, I understand a little bit of where it was trying to go at times but overall this movie kept losing it's sense of direction. It needed a compass and a map but yet they left that shit at home and just hoped they were following the north start in order to find something good in this movie.

It's one of our more entertaining show due to the fact of tearing a bad movie apart so kick back and have a listen once again as we ensue with antics per the usual. Knock knock...who's there? Dumbass movie that's who.