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July 25th, 2017

To all of our listeners, the crew would like to thank you all for showing support by listening to our little podcast as well as our friends who have suggested topics, suggested films, and engaged with us on our Facebook and our various other social media. We appreciate it all! For only being a fledgling show for a little under two months I think we have done pretty great! (As I write this our episode on Maggie has 40 hits!) We want to continue to do our best and have fun in the process while also being somewhat informative and hopefully entertaining. We want to continue to grow as a podcast and with help from you guys we can make that dream a reality so please stick around! So with that being said we simply all wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone! Stay tuned later this week for a new episode and maybe a BONUS EPISODE too!

Much <3

Jeremy G.